Rescue Hearing Inc (RHI) was established to develop and monetize technology within the field of hearing loss. The company is built on a foundation of combining leading physician / researchers with the latest technologies in gene therapy, small molecule, imaging and diagnostics to develop a diversified asset portfolio positioned as a hearing loss vertical.  Management believes that the opportunity for RHI investors to realize returns will arise from the development of the initial product platform technology and the subsequent creation of follow on products. Each new product will leverage the experience gained from developing the previous product.

  • There are currently no approved therapies for hearing loss

  • The worldwide hearing loss market is growing (466 million people with disabling hearing loss)(1)

  • Investment in Gene and Cell therapy companies is increasing. In 2015, total financings in gene and cell therapy companies totaled $10.8 billion, which represented a 106% increase over 2014.  Big pharma and big Medtech are the driving forces(2)

New enabling technologies are on the verge of making significant clinical  impact:

  • Gene editing tools like CRISPR / Cas9 is making the development of gene therapy products realistic, efficient and affordable;

  • Consumer cost for genetic testing is going down making identification of causative genetic mutations reliable, realistic and affordable;

  • New technologies for hearing loss are developing at a rapid rate enhancing our ability to develop new products;

The RHI team’s vision, translational experience and network in the hearing loss field

The RHI management and scientific team have invested countless years in establishing relationships with the key opinion leaders, researchers, innovators, clinicians, treatment centers, regulatory bodies, vendors, foundations, competitors, advocates, patients, media, and distributors in the specific field of hearing loss. The harvesting of this know-how and network along with the development of the initial platform technology in the hearing loss vertical is essential to value creation.

(1) 2018 WHO Hearing Loss study

(2) George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report (6/8/16); Investment in Cell and Gene Therapies Ramps Up;