AUGUST 2018: Rescue Hearing Inc (RHI) has signed a Sponsored Research Agreement with the University of Kansas Medical Center Research Institute.  RHI will be conducting research to develop gene therapies for hearing loss in the lab of Dr. Hinrich Staecker. Dr. Staecker is a scientific advisor to RHI and he is known for multiple clinical trials, including those focusing on inner-ear drug delivery.

Dr. Staecker is currently evaluating the effect of different vector constructs on cochlear and vestibular function, as well as evaluating the efficacy of atoh1 gene transfer for the regeneration of vestibular function.  A practicing physician / surgeon, Dr. Staecker’s clinical practice focuses on otology and neurotology, specifically cochlear implantation, auditory brain stem implants and acoustic neuroma surgery.Rescue Hearing Inc is developing a gene therapy platform to treat persons with debilitating hearing loss (360M people worldwide).  There are currently no approved therapies for hearing loss. For more information on RHI please visit our website at or contact CEO / Founder Jim Ayala at