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Rescue Hearing Inc (RHI) was established to develop and monetize technology within the field of hearing loss. The company is built on a foundation of combining leading physician/researchers with the latest technologies in gene therapy, small molecule, imaging, and diagnostics to develop a diversified asset portfolio positioned as a hearing loss vertical. Management believes that the opportunity for RHI investors to realize returns will arise from the development of the initial product platform technology and the subsequent creation of follow-on products. Each new product will leverage the experience gained from developing the previous product.

Our Mission

The RHI mission is to “Eliminate Hearing Loss as a Chronic Condition”. To achieve our mission, we will seek to develop an array of technologies across the disciplines of therapeutics, diagnostics, and imaging.

New enabling technologies are on the verge of making a significant clinical impact:

Gene-editing tools like CRISPR / Cas9 are making the development of gene therapy products realistic, efficient and affordable.

Consumer cost for genetic testing is going down making the identification of causative genetic mutations reliable, realistic, and affordable.

New technologies for hearing loss are developing at a rapid rate enhancing our ability to develop new products.

Investment in Gene and Cell therapy companies is increasing. In 2015, total financings in gene and cell therapy companies totaled $10.8 billion, which represented a 106% increase over 2014. Big pharma and big Medtech are the driving forces.

Xavier’s Story

In 2005, Xavier was born. As with most newborns, he received a newborn hearing screening test which he failed. Xavy’s parents were devastated but moved forward as best they could. What followed over the next 4 years were chronic ear infections, multiple medications, and numerous trips to hearing specialists. None of the clinicians were able to explain the chronic ear infections or the cause of Xavy’s hearing loss. Despite his chronic ear infections and abnormal hearing, Xavy was exceptionally bright, insatiably curious, and did not experience any delays in language or speech.
In 2010 at 5 years of age, Xavy was diagnosed with bi-lateral Sensorineural Nonsyndromic Hearing Loss (SNHL). He was fitted for hearing aids and told he would wear them for the rest of his life. Xavy started school and was the kid in the front of the class wearing the hearing aids with the brightly colored earmolds.

About the Founder

As the Father of a son born with genetic hearing loss, Mr. Ayala created RHI to achieve this vision of “Eliminate Hearing Loss as a Chronic Condition.”

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