RHIDx – Genetic Diagnostic Testing Product

Rescue Hearing’s initial product (RHIDx) will test for single specific gene mutation which will be used to confirm genetic mutation of interest for prospective RHI100 gene therapy patients (i.e. a companion diagnostic and screening tool).  RHI’s SAB member Dr. Xue Zhong Liu is an expert in the identification of genes that cause hearing loss and will be leading RHIDx product development. RHI is also exploring licensing opportunities with other diagnostic testing partners.

RHI HearID – BioMarker Product

There are currently “0” approved diagnostic panels that measure key, blood-derived, protein biomarkers that summarily define the presence, progression, and remediation of hearing loss.  RHI SAB member Dr. Hinrich Staecker will be leading the development of our biomarker product (RHI HearID).