As Father of a 15-year-old son born with genetic hearing loss, Mr. Ayala created RHI to achieve this vision “Eliminate Hearing Loss as a Chronic Condition”.

Mr. Ayala has over 27 years of healthcare industry experience. As Founder and CEO of Healthcare Consulting and Development Company (HCD), Mr. Ayala guided the company’s in-depth assessment and analysis of the hearing loss market. Mr. Ayala organized hearing loss space and established relationships with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). Mr. Ayala identified profiled and established relationships at hearing loss companies (Genvec, Otonomy, Inception Sciences 3, Autifony Therapeutics and Decibel Therapeutics); Foundations (Hearing Health Foundation); Research Organizations (e.g. Association for Research in Otolaryngology) and Technology Transfer offices (Harvard / MEEI, Columbia, NYU, Univ of Miami, Washington University at St. Louis, Univ of South Florida at Tampa and many others). Prior to founding HCD, Mr. Ayala served as a Director of Business Development at 3 life science companies (2 private, 1 public).

At NxPharmaGen, Mr. Ayala supported the development of a blood-based diagnostic testing platform based on microvesicle/exosome technology, participated in fundraising “roadshow” presentations to NYC based investors, managed business operations and third-party vendors.

NxDevelopment Corporation was formed to obtain FDA approval of an EU approved surgical assist drug named Gliolan®.  Mr. Ayala managed the international project team, recruited 36 clinical trial sites, and implemented a Gliolan® training program for neurosurgeons at Emory University.  At Bradmer Pharmaceuticals (TSX:BMR), Mr. Ayala supported the execution of a nationwide, phase III clinical trial for Neuradiab® a brain cancer therapeutic licensed from Duke University.  Mr. Ayala managed 28 clinical trial sites and was a liaison to the Contract Research Organization (CRO). As the first Director of Business Operations at Florida BioLogix (a cGMP manufacturing facility), Mr. Ayala generated $2.4M in year 1 sales revenue, drafted and negotiated 70+ unique manufacturing contracts, managed 17 unique customer projects and implemented a sales and marketing infrastructure.  At AvMed Health Plan (Florida’s largest nonprofit HMO), Mr. Ayala designed and implemented an electronic commerce / EDI operations area and managed the statewide ancillary provider network of 834 facilities which included: ambulatory surgery centers, skilled nursing facilities, diagnostic testing facilities. Mr. Ayala began his healthcare career at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida by supporting the development of the firm’s 5-year corporate managed care strategy and managing business relations with 25+ electronic medical record (EMR) vendors.  Mr. Ayala earned his MBA and MHA from the University of Florida (Gainesville) and his Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Music and Jazz Performance from the University of Miami (Coral Gables). Mr. Ayala has also completed Executive Education Programs at Harvard Business School (“Launching New Ventures” and “Leadership in the Boardroom”) and Babson College (“Mastering the Business of Science”).