Our Story

Rescue Hearing Inc (RHI) was established to develop therapies for persons experiencing hearing loss. As of March 2023, there were no approved therapies for individuals experiencing hearing loss (466 Million people worldwide in 2018). Rescue Hearing Inc (RHI) was established on behalf of CEO Jim Ayala’s son Xavier. Although hearing loss is in no regard a disability, mitigating the irritating symptoms could be revolutionary. RHI is built on a foundation of profound physicians/researchers who can capture and implement the latest technologies in gene therapy, small molecule imaging, and diagnostics towards eliminating hearing loss symptoms. With the right investment opportunities, RHI can seize the opportunity to create and produce multiple therapeutic products for individuals experiencing hearing loss from genetic mutations. Each new gene therapy product will target a unique hearing loss indication and there are over 100 genetic indications known to cause hearing loss.

Our Mission

To serve the hearing loss community by developing a portfolio of gene therapy products by combining translationally focused physicians/researchers with the latest in gene therapy technologies.

Our Vision

Eliminate Hearing Loss as a Chronic Condition

About the CEO/Founder

As the Father of a son born with genetic hearing loss, Mr. Ayala created RHI to achieve this vision of “Eliminate Hearing Loss as a Chronic Condition.”

Jim Ayala | CEO / Founder

Xavier’s Story

Early Life

In 2005, Xavier was born. As with most newborns, he received a newborn hearing screening, which he did not pass. Xavy’s parents, as would most, were confused and unsure of where to go from there. Over the next four years, Xavier experienced chronic ear infections, received multiple medications, and made many trips to hearing specialists. None of the clinicians were able to explain the chronic ear infections or the cause of Xavier’s hearing loss. Despite his congenital hearing loss, Xavy was exceptionally bright, insatiably curious, and did not experience any speech or language delays.

2010 (age 5) Xavy was diagnosed with Bilateral Sensorineural Nonsyndromic Hearing Loss (SNHI). He was fitted for hearing aids that would be required for the rest of his life.

2015 (age 10) Through the persistence and determination of his parents to find the cause (and potential cure) for Xavy’s hearing loss, genetic testing was discovered. Genetic testing is usually available to children born completely deaf but not to those children who are born with residual hearing (like Xavy). Xavy’s parents pushed and paid out of pocket for a blood sample to be sent to a lab that specialized in genetic testing for hearing loss. His parents did not know that between 30% to 50% of all hearing loss is caused by genetic defects and that there are over 100 genetic mutations known to cause hearing loss. The results of Xavy’s genetic test revealed a defect in the STRC gene. The STRC gene is responsible for building functional inner ear hair cells. Mutations in the STRC gene can cause misformed hair cells that can result in congenital hearing loss or deafness.

Growing Up

2016 to 2020 (Middle School) with the support of his 4 siblings and the community at large, Xavy participated in little league baseball, lacrosse, touch football, community theater, summer camps, and the middle school robotics team.

2021 to 2023 (High School) Xavy participated in the theater/drama program as both an actor and technical crew (sound, lighting, and set design), golf team, and competitive dance team. Xavy excels academically in engineering, physics, and math and has developed a strong passion for automotive racing and engineering.

Where is Xavy today

In 2022, Xavy founded “Race to Hear” (RTH) a non-profit organization that provides automotive engineering demonstrations to teach children about how cars work. Xavy built a full-scale racing “go-cart” that is used for live demonstrations. RTH presents at summer camps, community events, and public libraries. Several local businesses, charitable foundations, and individuals have donated to the RTH foundation and their respective logos and names appear on the livery of the race cart. The donated funds are used to purchase hearing aids for underprivileged children and adults who cannot afford the cost (Xavy’s hearing aids cost $5000 per pair).

2023 is Xavy’s senior year in high school where he will graduate at the top of his class and attend Harvard University in 2024. The takeaway – don’t let hearing loss keep you from reaching your full potential


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