About Us

Rescue Hearing Inc (RHI) was created to “Eliminate Hearing Loss as a Chronic Condition”

RHI has assembled a group of visionary, internationally recognized physicians, scientists and bio engineers who share a common passion for developing therapies for humans suffering from hearing loss. The team is developing therapeutic and diagnostic platforms that will address the most difficult of hearing loss indications.

RHI’s CEO and Founder, Jim Ayala is the father of a 11 yr old son born with hearing loss (pictured above). Mr. Ayala has 23 years of healthcare industry experience which includes management roles in 3 biotech start ups (1 public, 2 private).


The Rescue Hearing Inc (RHI) vision is to “Eliminate Hearing Loss as a Chronic Condition”


To realize its vision, the RHI team will focus on 3 specific missions:

The RHI team will utilize cutting edge scientific tools such as: gene therapy, stem cells, anti-sense oligonucleotides, and small molecules to develop therapies and diagnostics in the laboratory and bring them into human clinical trials.

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