Rescue Hearing

RHI has assembled a group of visionary, internationally recognized physicians, scientists and bio engineers who share a common passion for developing therapies for humans suffering from hearing loss. The team is developing therapeutic and diagnostic platforms that will address the most difficult of hearing loss indications.

Innovation Labs

Rescue Hearing’s initial gene therapy product will target a genetic mutation known to cause progressive hearing loss which eventually leads to deafness.

A case for Gene Therapy

Hearing loss is the most common sensory deficit in humans and there currently no FDA approved therapies for hearing loss. Hearing aids and cochlear implants are the only options for those with disabling hearing loss.
Rescue Hearing is developing new Gene Therapy solutions to eliminate hearing loss as we know it today.

Our Team

Leadership and innovation for the Mure. At Rescue Hearing, our singular goal is to eliminate hearing loss as a chronic condition. To achieve our vision, we will seek to develop an array of technologies across the disciplines of therapeutics, diagnostics and imaging.

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